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A Brief History of the Confederation


The Confederation is the star nation that is most in focus in the Sodality Universe. It is quite large, being exceeded in size only by the Anamilara Dominion. The Confederation is nearly 1000 light years long (defined as along the curve of the Orion Arm), about 800 light years across and 500 light years thick.
The founding members of the Confederation were the Lepamod, the Navratil, the Chode, the Tsssha Tck, and the Chakoonb. The suggestion for a multi-species nation first arose among the Lepamod. They had already forged treaties with the other three founders as well as several other species. Rather than attempt to achieve agreements between too many species, they decided a less ambitious alliance would be simpler, and then could then draw in other members.
The Confederation was founded approximately 2275 AD by the Terran calendar. While Earth had developed faster-than-light technology, they were only in the beginning of their expansion. The only non-human species they had contacted was the HaChii, with whom they had friendly relations.
The first Administrator of the Confederation was Ooaaoiuiach of the Chakoonb. She was just what the new nation needed. Ooaaoiuiach pushed hard, encouraging exploration vessels in all directions, each tasked with either strengthening alliances with non-member species or first contacts. At the same time she convinced the Assembly to establish a united Navy, rather than the loose alliances of individual member police vessels.
The Confederation made formal contact with Terra and its colonies in 2336. Terra joined the Confederation in 2378. The HaChii, though strong allies of Terra, declined membership, though they maintain good relations with Terra.
Rapid expansion led to tensions with the Chemosh Empire, a large and aggressive nation a bit north and centerward of the Confederation. Tensions came to a head when three worlds settled by humans and Tsssha Tck, and which were technically outside Confederation borders, petitioned to join the Empire. The Confederation protested, insisting that those worlds must either remain independent or join the Confederation. Tensions escalated and negotiations failed. War broke out in 2497.
The war raged for nearly a century. It wasn’t constant. Though both sides could support large fleets, space is so large that it is impossible to completely secure every system. Ships cannot be detected or followed in subspace, so attacking fleets could strike deep into enemy territory. Major planets, mostly the homeworlds of Confederation or Imperial member species, were heavily fortified, but most others weren’t. Several battles would occur in quick succession and then the combatants would retreat to lick their wounds. Generally, a fleet of ships would appear in a system, rapidly destroy the defenders, and take control of the system.
In 2590 a Confederation fleet under the command of Ibhim Tendacta, an En Salinoe, translated into the Berhated system. Mere hours later, an Imperial fleet under the command of the Greatmind Shentos translated in. As the two fleets maneuvered, it became obvious that the result would likely be the near annihilation of both fleets. Rather than engage, both commanders began to talk. These initial talks lend to an eventual peace treaty signed in 2596. Both Tendacta and Shentos were present at the signing.
Thirteen years later, the Confederation and the Empire signed a Treaty of Alliance. This treaty, among other things, regularized a planet’s right to join, or not join, any polity it desires.
Contact with the Laanyr Clan Heer occurred in 2573. The first clashes with the Kralk were in 2635. The Confederation made formal contact with the Animailara Dominion in 2622. That continuing contact has been a bone of contention with the Empire ever since, though it has never risen to the level of threatening the Alliance.
Though the Confederation has the borders described above, its authority is not ubiquitous within it. There are numerous independent systems, small multi-star nations, and a great many unexplored systems and planets. The same can be said of the Empire. Though the Empire used to claim complete authority within its borders, it has come to adapt the Confederation’s view that populations must choose to join. Other nations, like the Dominion and the Kralk, do not share that philosophy and exert control throughout their volumes of space.
By the current year in the novels (The Road from Antioch begins in March, 3258), the Confederation and the Empire are strong allies. The Laany Clan Heer and the Rivnyera maintain friendly relations with the Confederation (their connections to the Chemosh are sparse as they are separated from the Empire by the entire Confederation). The Kralk are an ever present problem. The Dark Circle, if it actually exists, only occasionally causes issues. The Confederation’s relations with the Dominion as trading partners are stable. Their relations with the numerous independent and small nations vary radically from one to another.

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